Yıldız Technical University / City and Regional Planning

Zeynep Enlil is a Professor of City and Regional Planning at Yıldız Technical University. Enlil completed her bachelor’s degree in the Department of City and Regional Planning at Middle East Technical University. She took her PhD from the University of Washington, Urban Design and Planning Department. Among her publications are “The Neoliberal Agenda and the Changing Urban Form of Istanbul” (International Planning Studies, vol.16, pp.5-25, 2011), “Cultural Triangle and Beyond: A Spatial Analysis of Cultural Industries in Istanbul” (Planning Practice & Research, vol.26, pp.167-183, 2011) and “Urban Regeneration and Hegemonic Power Relationships” (International Planning Studies, vol.16, pp.61-72, 2011).

Her research interest focuses on cultural industries and creative cities, gentrification, urban renewal, urban poverty, history of urbanization and planning, urban transformation, and urban design theories.